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I’m Pregnant. Why Am I Nauseated?

“Morning Sickness” is a common early symptom of pregnancy, but it’s not normal.

It has been my observation over 30 plus years of providing supportive care for women during pregnancy that pregnancy tends to reveal preexisting weaknesses in a woman’s physiology. In other words, many women have “weak links” in one or more body systems that they may be unaware of until they become pregnant. The extra nutritional demands needed to build a new human often uncover low or borderline levels of functional nutrients.

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is butter or margarine better

Butter or Margarine?

I received the following information at a recent nutrition seminar and hope you find it helpful. -Dr. Pence

Patients frequently ask me, “Which is better: butter or margarine ?”  I think that’s a fair question. And I believe that you not only need to know the answer, but to understand it as well.

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Allergies, Foods, and Inflammation

An allergy is a condition in which the body reacts poorly to a substance that is harmless in similar amounts to most people. Dust, pollens, specific foods, and animal dander do not cause a problem in a normally functioning body.

When evaluating the cause of allergies, I begin with identifying food allergies or intolerances. Continuing to eat foods we are individually and genetically incapable of handling will aggravate existing allergies or make us susceptible to other allergies. Our bodies can only handle so much of an inflammatory burden before it over reacts.

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eat less carbs and more fat

Healthy Weight Loss: Eat Fat to Get Lean

It’s the time of year when many of us are regretting all those goodies we ate during the holidays.  Our britches are a little tighter, we’ve let the belt out a notch or maybe we’re avoiding a certain pair of jeans.  Shorts, t-shirts and yes bathing suit weather is fast approaching and we’re about to run out of time to reduce the belly bulge that confirms our winter dietary misbehavior.

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My Greatest Responsibility

I had my first adjustment when I was four years old. My parents wanted me to have an adjustment from the Chiropractor who had found and corrected the cause of my older brother’s life threatening asthma.

I continue to get regular adjustments because I feel better when I do. Our children have grown up with Chiropractic as their primary health care. They know if they don’t feel well, it’s time to get adjusted.

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