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Helpful Links and Suggested Products

Below are links to two products we recommend on an almost daily basis. We believe in these products, and many patients find them extremely beneficial to their healthy lifestyle. Dr. Pence’s own family can attest to the quality of both Foot Levelers brand custom orthotics, as well as Standard Process supplements. If you have any questions regarding our state’s regulations of Chiropractic care, you can find that information through the Tennessee Chiropractic Association.

Foot Levelers

We greatly recommend Foot Levelers as our custom orthotics brand of choice. We have been a provider for many years, and use them personally as well. If you would like Dr. Pence to measure your foot and take molds for a fully custom pair, we can do that in our office in just a matter of minutes.

Logan College of Chiropractic

Dr. Pence is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. Logan is one of the top Chiropractic colleges in the nation.

Standard Process

Standard Process is our brand of choice for nutritional supplements. These supplements are made from whole foods, and are highly effective.


The Tennessee Chiropractic Association is an excellent resource for our state’s chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and their employees.