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Are You a Victim?

Our health (and the decisions we make about it) is among the most personal of decisions. Are we passive, ignoring our health until we lose it? Or do we actively assume responsibility for and take action to promote our health?

The choice we make is often revealed by how we respond when we have a health crisis.

Strategy One: Eliminate the invader. Whether it’s applying weed killer to eliminate the dandelions in our lawn, or using a chemical concoction to “…kill 99.9% of germs on contact,” this approach sees the problem as “out there.” It’s a victim mentality – we think we’re prey for the “bug that’s going around” or are afflicted with poor genetics or simple bad luck. 

Strategy Two: Bolster the host. Killing germs doesn’t automatically produce health. Instead, this strategy strengthens the immune system and enhances our ability to resist infectious invaders. This includes good nutrition, quality sleep, regular exercise, stress reduction and of course, regular chiropractic checkups. 

Which strategy is best? Both, of course. Be mindful about needlessly exposing yourself to germs, while optimizing your health and well-being so your body can function at its best.