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Friendly Staff

Beth Hickman

Beth Hickman is our newest chiropractic assistant here at Pence Chiropractic. She supports the front desk along with assisting Dr. Pence in the therapy department while studying and training for her Chiropractic Therapy Assistant Certification.


Kim Buck

Kim has been with Pence Chiropractic Center for 21 years. She was recently named Chiropractic Assistant of The Year by the TCA.

Dr. David S. Pence

Dr. Pence has 30+ years of experience in chiropractic care. He is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and applied kinesiology.

Mitzi Pence

Mitzi is Dr. Pence's wife. She helps run the behind-the-scenes of the practice. Mitzi will gladly answer any of your questions and make you feel comfortable.